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Do you ship?

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How do I get a beastly boerboel or get on the waiting list?

We do ship or are able to get in contact with company's that ship. If you are not sure if we would be able to ship to your country get in contact with us via email or direct message on socials. We can than get a customated addictional price.


Preparing a puppy (juvenile or adult) for export has additional costs for us and unfortunately these have to be passed along to you, the client. These costs do vary quite a bit depending on where your puppy (juvenile or adult) will be heading to. Some countries have more requirements than others. In most cases we need to carry out:

 - 2nd Vaccinations and Vet Examination 

- Rabies Vaccination and Vet Health Examination

-Additional Worming treatment

-Additional Kenneling (8 weeks to 13 weeks)

- Pre Flight Vet Health Examination (fit to fly)

- Delivery of puppy (or adult) to Airport


Additionally, for shipment to some countries we required to carry out the following:

- Export Certificate (Country Specific)

- Worming Treatments (Country Specific)

- Additional Kenneling (13-16 weeks+)

- Blood Tests (Country Specific)

- Titre Tests (Country Specific)


There will be a charge for each requirement that we have to carry out to prepare your new family member for export. There will also be a charge for additional kenneling of € 10.00 per day past 8 weeks of age until the shipping date. 


PLEASE NOTE Puppies cannot be shipped until a minimum age of 12 weeks, if they require a Rabies vaccination the boerboel will need to stay with us for a minimum of 13 weeks. In some cases the boerboel will need to be 16 weeks or more,  for example if the destination country requires  a longer mandatoru time to wait before shipment post Rabies vaccination.

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Step 1: We would like you to fill in your details and requests on the applications page.

Step 2: We will get in contact with you to plan a video call, during this video call we will do a house check or kennel check. 

Step 3: We will request you to forfill a deposit fee per application/per Boerboel.

Step 4: We will provide you with possible pups, juveniles or adults that match with your wishes and profile.

Step 5: Once your matched with your new fluffy giant or giant to become. We will confirm a price and plan a pick up date or if necessary get in to shipping details.

Do you provide service?

We would love the be there for you. from the first moment you layed eyes on your first Beastly boerboel till they walk in to dog heaven and even beyond. If you have any questions regarding certain behavior, health or the breed in general. What if you and your Beastly boerboel do not get a long as you would have hoped. We provide a sollution to rehome him or her a custom to the situation. It would personaly break our harts to know that they end up in a shelter. This way all party's end of the day are happy with the outcome. 


What is the price for a Beastly Boerboel?

Beastly Boerboels is pricing is basted up on different factors. Such as pick of the litter, with or without breeding rights, colouring. To keep our standerds high we only plan matings which are well suited to each other. To create healthy and correct offspring, so al though you may not get the first pick of a litter we trust in the bloodlines and select our breeding boerboels that add value to the breed. All prices show below in the price indication are excluding shipping, possible addition cost for kenneling.

Are we looking for co-owners?

We as Beastly Boerboel like to partner up with strategic partners. This way we can give our boerboels the best life as a pet and a family's best friend/guardian and still be able to take part in our breeding programe. We are open for both males and females to be added to extend your breeding kennel with. If you are interested in becoming one of stratigic partners feel free to contact us or fill in our application page. We will get in contact with you shortly and see what we can do for each other.

Price Indication

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