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About us

We are passionate breeders from the Netherlands, located in Tiel, Gelderland. Beastly Boerboel was established in 2022. When the first time we came across these friendly, elegiant giants. We were completely hooked. The more we read, heard and got to know about the history the better you will understand their behavior and character. If you want to know more about read Boerboel History here below. 



Our fundation is basted on our preference in look, health and character. We as Beastly Boerboel are very fortunate to have started our kennel with Rebecca. She matched every aspect that we looked for in a boerboel. Not only is Rebecca our beautifull, trusty companion. The way she was bred was by selective breeding and trusting on legends from the past. To give and example, Noxterra Lennox better known as Noxterra’s Secret Male a.k.a. Shadow is Rebecca’s father. He happens to be the highest appraised black Boerboel by NABBA. These bloodlines were mated to improve and create healthier descendants. Names like Spitsvuur Ramkat, Cabaret Pavarotti, Quovadis Partner in Crime and Spitsvuur Tokara Drifter visual within the first 4 generations of our foundation.


Follow Beastly

We are determined to add value to the breed and keep on selecting couples which suite each other very well. By filling in our application page, following our social media pages and our planned mating page. You will be continuously updated with our planned matings, current litters and have the possiblity to follow our giants in to their adulthood.

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Boerboel History

The Canis Molossus (during the time of the Roman Empire) played an important part in the derivation of modern large breeds. The activities of the Romans resulted in the importation of these dogs to the British Isles. The Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company) sent Jan van Riebeeck to establish a trading post at the southern tip of Africa. On arrival in the Cape in 1652, his trusty Bullenbijter (biter of Bulls) was at his side. This was a big, strong Mastiff- type breed. The colonists that followed Van Riebeeck to the Cape also brought their biggest and strongest dogs with them, and over time only the toughest of these survived this new, harsh and rugged land of South Africa.


With the arrival of the British Settlers in 1820, the Bulldog and another Mastiff-type dog were also introduced, amongst many others. It should be noted that the true Bull Mastiff was only imported to South Africa in 1928, by De Beers, to be guard dogs on the diamond mines. It is told that after the Anglo-Boer War in 1902, these various dog breeds were crossbred with the English long-legged Bulldog, and subsequently also with the Bull Mastiff in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The History includes the crossbreeding of the colonists’ large dogs with the dogs (mongrels) of the black inhabitants of Africa. But, truth be told, this is how the Boerboel, as found on countless farms and which later trekked north with the Great Trek, originated.

all of this information together one can come to the following clear conclusion: the Boerboel has been bred from large and strong dogs with good characteristics. One can become almost lyrical about these characteristics. These settlers kept Boerboels as watchdogs, as friends and playmates to their children, and as protectors – a dog that would not retreat from any form of danger.

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